Questions and answers

What makes you think these holoinstall images of yours work?

When you listen to .mp3, does the music make you feel emotions? But .mp3 is nothing but 1s and 0s. This can only happen in two ways. One is that emotions can be mapped into 1s and 0s. The other is that there must be an invisible domain associated with physical objects where this information is stored. This invisible range is the holographic frequency. When you look behind the images, your consciousness jumps to this holo frequency and becomes more receptive to the information that these images are transmitting. What they are transmitting is my ability to graphically convert this higher dimensional information.

Is it really magic?

No, it goes beyond the concept of magic. Therefore, this category cannot be used for personal purposes. Not for me, not for anyone.

What do you use it for?

It's a bit like when a development company makes a free antivirus, renderer and optimizer. In addition to scan&clean removing unused, unnecessary files from your hard drive brain and your collective channels, you can also use it to clean out your recycle bin, memory, fragmented files, log files, file fragments and more. The program will also find and fix errors such as unused file extensions, program entries and missing shared files in the Registry.

If you could put it in your own words?

I say them above the pictures.

Who has this for?

For everyone. I would also like to point out here that I also use it from time to time and that I first did these for myself, but when it expanded, I did and am doing the following ones in forms accessible to anyone.

Don't you think people are a bit put off by the fact that you talk about us as if we were computers?

Look past the Aquarian trait of sometimes being too rational, too blunt in the way he puts what he has come to in studying the world. In a way, the way humans work is very similar to the way smartphones work, and if one interprets my words correctly, doesn't get hung up on terminology, one can understand much more than you might first think.

Can you explain that?

According to religious people, man is created. If the world is a mirror, then look at who/what we created and these machines that we now have with intelligence. When I studied this question in the literature called esoteric, I read exactly the same information. That the Nephilim first created the soulless man to do the work for them, but then with the help of an initiatory device, which also appeared in the Bibila in the form of the apple, man moved to another level. We also made mechanical machines at first, but then with the development of electronics, machines went to another level. Quantum computers represent another leap forward, which could be a message for us in relation to man. How some people are already a leap forward in relation to other people. In another approach, the structure of the human body can be seen as DNA hardware, with the human brain itself as the control computer. And if man is created, this is equivalent to artificial intelligence. Oddly enough, this could only be seriously argued with convincing arguments if one were to come up with a theory of evolution in science.

Aren't you afraid that people will think you're crazy for doing something like this?

It is common in the human world for people who take a new approach to the familiar, or who explore new areas or become experts in certain things by really digging in, to be called fools with disdain. Just think how many of these people you have called crazy on subjects you know nothing about. But in answer to your question, I'm beyond fearing such things.

Regardless, if it's really important to you, do you think it's a good idea to serve it this way?

This is not important to me, but to you. Keep reading this website if you really want to understand, because I've concentrated on the point.

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