The story in a nutshell

There is a T0 point in the lives of those who begin to observe the spiritual world, and this point separates the pre-life from what comes after. This means that from this point there is a change of perspective that erases the importance of the past life. Only after this point is reached does everything that has happened up to that point become comprehensible. Those who are part of my past life cannot understand the processes that are happening to me. I look at my past life as a journey in which I have found the corridor through which I have moved to the necessary dimensional levels.

It's a journey of successes and failures, and the interesting thing is that in hindsight, at higher angles, the successes seemed more like failures and the failures more like successes. But these failures cannot be considered as such either, because on the one hand, every car has a braking system, and on the other hand, if I had not had any successes, it would certainly have caused such a personality distortion that I would not have been capable of going where I can safely say that no one had gone before me. I have been able to get there because I have had a few head injuries in my past life that have opened my mind, like hardware tuning my brain, and I manage to deal with them correctly in the present. I have not been scared in and have successfully rearranged my mind so that the result is always better than it was. If I hadn't got through the meditation gate, I would never have understood why these things happened to me, but then the understanding wouldn't have mattered.

A person who starts out on the traditional path may have two or at most three T0s in their life when they move to other dimensional levels. I have 21 of these, of which I have chosen one, which I officially call T0, and this happened in 2002. From then until today, I have been sitting in an apartment meditating through the 20 years that have passed in between. There were defining events before and after. All of them can be called T0, but in 3D I can only call what can be seen from the outside as a spectacular change. I am now at the point of another T0, the point of my return, when my life will change spectacularly again, but it will be preceded by stages which are also spectacular on their own plane, but which are not visible from here.

You would never think that a thought, accompanied by the right inner charge, could fundamentally change your life. But it looks from the outside like you are just standing there and nothing is happening. Yet T0 then occurred on another plane. These planes are there on every person as invisible layers and in every person as given depths. And we have arrived at the first discovery that will be cool in the eyes of posterity, because unfortunately, in the present, both science and religion are light years ahead. Initially, when I realised that the beings you believed to be angels were not up to the task, I was only looking for a spiritual framework to help me return, but as I went along, I added more and more features as I was faced with new problems. It has now become so good that it is actually redundant to talk about it (not just because there is no one to talk to and no reason to talk about it), because it has become so good that it works automatically. Basically, as a world-controlling god-program that fixed the flaws of Creation 1.0.

Science has now reached the point where it has discovered the holographic structure of the world. In simple terms, and translated into the language of the modern human, this means that what you see around you is nothing more than a holographic video game that you live in = play in. In fact, religions and philosophies of worldviews say no different, they just don't have the modern world at their disposal. If Jesus were alive today (the imaginary figure you think he is), he could just stand next to a Play Station and explain it in a few minutes, but then there was no Play Station and no human being who understood it. What I have just explained in a minute with this video game analogy would have taken years with the strong suspicion that all the nodding students were just pretending to understand (how familiar, masters). Here I am just saying, refresh your mind and look out your eyes and more things have happened to you than in your entire life so far. But anyone looking at you from the outside will see that you are just standing there and nothing is happening.

I almost linked to the part where we've arrived at the first discovery that will be cool in the eyes of posterity, but I'd like to go back to this Genesis 1.0 a bit. In a hypnosis experiment, it happened that the subject, believing the coin in his hand to be a glowing piece of metal, burned his hand. This itself is a refutation of objective reality. It can only be explained by the theory of the holographic world view. If you look at it that way, the creation is nothing more than an installation, which I made fixes for from within the game, but in the process I realized that I'd be better off updating to version 2.0 system-wide instead, and by that I mean much more than the physical plane. So if I say Creator, it could be a being just as stupid as you if it only needs to push a button to do so and I'm not convinced that this creator can be defined precisely anyway. Especially in the light of the fact that I can finally actually link to the following material here.

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