Daily use

Putting this into practice was conceived with a philosophy to make it the easiest and simplest possible. Which means that even if you don't use it at all, it still works. The key is choosing your gaming experience, and if your gaming experience doesn't include the console that controls you, visible through your third eye, then they remain invisible, with a spiritual assistant running in the background. This ensures that regular players are not put at a disadvantage against those who often have unauthorised access to spiritual powers.

The next level is when you consciously use the potential of your mind through your third eye. The third eye here doesn't necessarily mean visual vision, because if you just imagine, say, a dashboard, the indicators on it should show the exact value. Here you can call up holoapps and use them in another gaming experience, what I call the advanced human level. It requires the advanced man so that there is no abuse of it in the first place, but it has a learning program that will wean people off it anyway. This apprenticeship is the same, by the way, as the one that keeps those who stick with the traditional gaming experience from being disadvantaged.

The next level is for those who don't use holoapps, but control themselves manually. An example is the holoGPS app, which is replaced by mental start-target programming. This works by starting in the here and now, visualising the target, and then using their intuition to follow their own resulting radius. Which in this fast and noisy world is not easy, but not impossible, and if done successfully, is equivalent to a kind of spiritual self-education. Another example is the WW holoapp, which calls in an 'angel' who is exactly like the problem-solving Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction, but you can also figure out how to solve your problems yourself.

"That's how man get lost if you turn everyone into a machine."
"You don't get lost because that's the first level where you can be fully human."
"But why did it have to be this way?"
"Do you know what it was and how?"
"Are you telling me that's what it's been?"
"Yes, only here you can see the first modern mirror. Those who have interpreted in previous ages have not yet known the possibilities of our age."
"What will happen to creation?"
"If man is created, is that not artificial intelligence?"
"But this is illusion-destroying."
"True, it was said rather bluntly. But it gives us the opportunity to evolve and open up new illusions."


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