The holoinstall and mandala images on the website contain programmed functions that can be triggered by our consciousness through the human eye port. Their purpose is to perform beneficial actions at a glance that an ordinary person would never perform. Those who don't believe in it, turn it off themselves, but it can still work on others through their consciousness network. For those who treat it as a conditional truth and start believing in it only after effects they see as evidence, that is a correct attitude. Believing it immediately will work for you, but never do that again, just believing something from an unknown website.

The holoinstall images contain the vibrations of holoprograms based on the invention of data transmission for the ÉlményPark platform. Their use is adapted to the modern age, where anyone sitting in front of the internet can access these programmes for themselves, wherever they are 24 hours a day. You don't have to go anywhere, you don't have to meet anybody and you don't have to pay for it, but as I'm still meditating I'm happy to be nudged, but it's voluntary and nobody is penalised for not doing it. Holoinstall programs work in the depths, which means that they take time to come down and their effects may never be immediately apparent to you.

Mandalas, on the other hand, are written on a pre-existing platform and therefore have a faster and more noticeable effect because the platform is closer to the ground. Mandalas could also be described as chakra programming. My own mandalas have a unique character and if one looks at them together, one can experience as if some mandalas are spinning and as if others are doing it all the time. From these mandalas, I can also offer a website where I have created task support programs, which are empty frameworks that everyone fills with content. This was a selfless task on my part, because I encountered so many misunderstandings, errors and dilettantism that it is in the interest of all sensible people to correct them, even if they do not make money. You can find the central page of the mandala here, I'll get more of these in time if I get there to get my attention again.

For those who like this remote access and would prefer not to have to jump between websites, there is a website where you can access all the contents of these websites. Although there are separate ones for guided initiations for people of different situations and levels of consciousness, there is no hard and fast rule. Because what if someone wants to call them in tarot-style, as I do. Because I use them myself anyway.

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