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Talking to the Lord

“Welcome Mr God to my talk show. How did you become God?”

“As a result of a couple of head falls and subsequent successful consciousness settlements. As I am an atheist, please excuse me for occasionally confusing the concepts of God and Lord, you will find out why later. For there are more!”

“Can you tell me how you created?”

“I call it a holo installation, but I recognize how it is interpreted from within the game, so I have sacrificially taken on that role as well.”

“Then who are we?”

“3D extended human figures.”

“Whose human figures?”

“When whose. Unfortunately, there was too much outcry among the collective players when the idea of associating persons with persons came up. It would make the game more interpretable down here, but I realized that there are benefits to this interpretation on the ground.”

“What was before creation?”

“An empty piece of hardware aptly named Nothing. But as the software brought it to life…”

“So what is the physical plane?”

“A monitor. So that we can better understand how planets in the Solar System may be inhabited in other regions of light.”

“You mean spiritual space?”

“The visual domain is also a monitor, just a different system.”

“Where do the gods dwell?”

“I don’t understand, what’s the point of looking at another monitor when you have yours right in front of your eyes? Why don’t you play well in this one? You’re pushing your virtual toys there, while you’re pretty weak in your own holo-games.”

“If you are the Lord, how do you exercise your power?”

“With my mind. If you have your workplace in your mind, there are no travel expenses and if you have anything, you can get it right in your office.”

“What power do you have?”

“It’s a service power. I’m not into the Middle Ages, I’m into the modern world.”

“What about the people here?”

“The projection of worlds will change. It’s a huge improvement on the analogue management system we had before.”

“How does it change?”

“When I installed it, I got this world ready. So far, I’ve been working on opening up enough paths for sorting.”

“ For who?”

“There are a lot of empty identical Earths and one overcrowded one.”

“How will they be sorted?”

“By human qualities and intentions. That is, the similar are put into one world. I don’t even understand the oohing and aahing, but I don’t care what the fans are shouting into the on-field during the game. The important thing for them is what is on the scoreboard at the end of the game, and for them it is not the goal that is important, but the journey they have made. Everybody will find their way, but I admit that the Market still has to get used to this new service. That’s why I didn’t immediately hit out when I saw this payment indiscipline among those using the increased service.”

“Wasn’t it said that this ÉlményPark was free?”

“It is! Everyone has everything they need to fulfill themselves. But there are some creatures who don’t like simplicity, so I thought of them too. There are countless thematic channels available.”

“What determines who goes where?”

“First and foremost, which level you belong to. The advanced people or the intellectual natives. Although outwardly these people look similar, there is a big qualitative difference in their worldview. Spiritual natives have their own belief system, go to church and follow tribal rules according to their faith. The advanced man is an intellectual quality and deserves a level of self.”

“How do we get into these worlds?”

“You don’t even notice.”

“What will happen to this world?”

“I intend to keep the habitats of the intellectual natives, that is, it will stay longer unless some cause beyond my sight puts an end to it.”

“Is there anything beyond your horizon?”

“Of course! I do quality installation and also test it myself. And within a game, you really have to consider what information knowledge is ideal.”

“What about the peaceful people who go to church, the entrepreneurs, the politicians and the celebrities?”

“Both wildlife and domestic animals will remain in their current positions.”

“Will they stay?”

“That’s the beauty of it. They change as you want them to. Along with the people who want them to.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m into holo entertainment. Media business. But I have Energy Bank and many other interesting holo businesses.”

“How can I pray to you?”

“Help yourself and God will help you. It’s really a target program, because only the more interesting prayers come to me personally.”

“Thank you for your valuable time, we have more guests coming, but only after the commercial!”

The Creator

"But this metro line is beautiful. Who made it?"

"A tunnel boring company."

"But they're not here."

"Yes, they've finished the work and they've been paid for it."

"So who's running it now?"

"The transport company."

"But who's the creator here?"

"You don't know, maybe the client."

"But the client is not the intellectual author, is he?"

"I don't think so. It could be an engineering firm."

"So the creator is the contractor?"

"That's a philosophical question. Some say the creator is the one who made the tunnels. Others say the creator is the one who invented it. But some say it's the one who came up with the idea. I've heard voices that consider engineers to be the ones. So you never know."

"But what do the newspapers say about it?"

"That it's not who the creator is, but that you can use it. And how you can use it."

"But then where do I say thank you?"

"Maybe to whoever paid for it all."

"Then there are many here who can call themselves creators."

"They all consider themselves so."

"Aren't they fighting over this?"

"They're not. But people like you do. There are gangs who'll fight for what's right."

"But then everyone here is right."

"Yeah, I guess so. They're probably only interested in the fight, the cause is secondary."

"If the passengers get in trouble, is it worth calling the creator?"

"No, that's when the rescue teams come. And they really have nothing to do with whoever created all this."

"But who pleases you in the image of the creator?"

"The politicians."

Babel Fish Pro

"Oh Heavenly Father, we ask You to bless this nation!"

"They pray to a tribal deity and ask that he install some positive programs on them."

"Tell him that I am not his god."

"It would be unfortunate to tell him that, because we cannot interfere with their beliefs."

"Then tell him something he will understand and the point is made."

"The Lord has heard your prayer, my child. Be still, blessing is upon you."

"Oh thank you Lord. By the grace of Christ."

"What's he saying about Christ?"

"In their beliefs, Christ is the son of God."

"That tribal god?"


"Does he know that?"

"I think he' s beginning to find out. We didn't want to interrupt his process of objective cognition."

"I see. Ask this one what he wants."

"Have you repented of your sins?"

"Oh yes, I have confessed!"

"Then the Lord hears your plea, my child."

"I want health..."

"Health, prosperity and a curse sweep?"

"Yes. How did you know?"

"I watched ezoTV. Then with deep devotion, with pure love in your heart, sincerely ask God for this when you are at rest."

"I rarely get rest."

" Rarely do you come before the Lord."

"That's true. But aren't these three a lot?"

"If it's too much, go to the priest. Here is where the boys and girls with balls go."

"Girls too?"

"I know, we know your thoughts during mass. You've inspired a lot of porn movie scripts."

"But I've already confessed to these!"

"What's all the chatter about? It feels too long."

"I'm trying to give him a summary of what to do and put his own interpretation on it."

"Tell him that only advanced beings can enter the Age of Aquarius. But we respect their traditions and wish to preserve their habitats."

"The Lord has chosen the Chosen Ones, my child."

"How do we know that?"

"They are all 'dangerous terrorists' or eccentric, shady characters. In your beliefs, they are dangerous demons."

"That won't be easy to explain to the others."

"That's why you're here! The best, right?"



"I'm a mate of the chief."

"It's OK, you're a smart boy and you'll manage."

Master Magician UFO

"Watch.... John please come over here and show me what you've been cooking."


"Well. It's okay on the surface, so on the surface it looks like you're taking great care. However, the ideas are not well cooked because the implementation is a bit raw. However, the side dish distracts from the thoughts, so you didn't make that big of a mistake (especially on this planet). Congratulations!"



"There are also competitors here who, although they are masters of their craft at an amateur level, are still capable of a level of excellence that belies the professionals. It's also a fact that with these breasts, the food looks much tastier than without them, and one wonders what the Effect would be if they weren't so far out in front. Dear Laura! It's a professional field, so please, next time, make it more professional! Unfortunately, you exaggerated the emotions a bit, so the taste of the dish was rather nauseating. I'm not impressed with you, as evidenced by the fact that I'm still talking here."



"In magical terms, it's not a handicap if you can't tell at first whether you're dealing with a man or a woman. However, it shouldn't be exaggerated either, because it can make the food tasteless! You have also paid attention to the details here, and I commend you for that. The male and female energies alternate beautifully on your plate, creating a harmonious order in your own space-time. If you continue in this way, you can become a true Magician, although your appearance doesn't really confirm it. Well done!"

Talking to Christ

"Hello viewers, today I welcome an exclusive guest only on this channel. Christ himself!"

"The term 'personally' in the Christ level of consciousness is worth a good discussion. But welcome viewers!"

"What is it like to speak the Word to the people of today?"

"It's like talking to the wall. No one listens, though everyone gives the appearance."

"I hear you're planning your second comeback. What's true about that?"

"How the tabloid media got hold of that, I don't know. I had originally wanted to do it incognito, but then I was forced to adjust my intentions."


"Because nobody was paying attention, although many people gave the appearance of it. When they realised Above how far apart appearances and reality were, they called for immediate intervention."

"How does this change the story as we know it?"

"The story as you know it is a beautiful story, but there is another one, and when you read it, you will see a different world. So if all you have is the image of the snow-white grandiose figure you know, it's nice to play that, because you're the ones who will immediately declare him a terrorist. But you will also act it, I'm just providing the framework."


"I thought about a franchise system at first, but then I settled on the foundation form.

"I'm sorry, but that language is unusual coming from you here."

"I also had a modern speech 2000 years ago. I don't understand why the man of today can't understand what is authentic, why it's not what he can easily understand. Nor is it the most incomprehensible nonsense of the man of today. It is rather how much bullshit they are capable of believing. About me, for example."

"You want to discuss that on this show?"

"No! Let the questions come."

"I'm interested in the second coming."

"It seemed like a much better idea the first time than the second, but I promised. I hadn't even really thought about the first one, and I got the result. The second time around, I had to think about it more."

"How did it go?"

"Not without rationale, so I had to look for a holo company on the market that did this kind of thing. I found one, with whom I made a reassuring plan for this intervention."

"A holo company?"

"Yes, I had to turn to the private sector unfortunately."

"What market?"

"A privatization agreement was made between the Lord and a private individual on the ground whose mind was brought here. They concluded it would be much better to take this spiritual realm that you have been living under in physical bodies private because there were too many problems with the corrupt divine/religious system. The Lord has seen that the private sector offers more effective solutions and our first experiences have been extremely positive."

"What experience are you talking about?"

"In the old days there was an angel in charge of everything, an angel who had no competition. So everything was slow, cumbersome and extremely corrupt at the human level. But as soon as we took this activity into private hands, we had instant solutions and the concept of the Market. I like it very much and so do the archangels. We see how effective it is."

"Isn't our world losing its humanity?"

"You're joking, right? Or should I not laugh so much?"

Angel experiment


"Thank you. For what, by the way?"

"You participated in a successful experiment."

"How nice! What experiment was that? I didn't even notice."

"Because on your plane, it's just beginning."

"Is it over for you?"

"Yes. How else would I know it was successful?"

"Right! Can I know more about that?"

"That would be unfortunate."

"And if I keep your promise? That one day I could ask you anything and you'd answer?"

"Well, I did make such a promise. Would you take it now?"



"I want to know what I can profit by knowing. If it's been successful, I'm sure I'll be well off if I know it before I've even started here."

"Interesting point of view."

"So you say?"

"We wanted to find out if there were any bitches among the angels."

"And are there?"

"I can safely say that there are."

"How did you find that out?"

"That no one wants to work with you anymore."


"Because as long as you were enjoying the fruits of our joint hmmmmmm work in initiation thefts and other delights, you were popular and everyone wanted to associate with you. Now the situation has changed and believe me, what is waiting for you is something no one wants to be a part of."


"We have now also established that there is such a thing as a bitch in the angel world. When the chariot was running, you were good to them, but now that you can start making repayments and face the consequences of your actions, i.e. start learning about responsibility, well you're not so popular anymore. But that raises another question that you have just raised. Since we also have to study profit, we are also interested in what you can gain from this information."

"Son of a bitch!"

"We don't like insults, another punishment, I think you'll have this one down in 2 years. We realize that you are new to this information and we haven't measured it that much."

"But you are with me!"

"Not anymore. We've moved the bets off you and we're a little angry with you because if we do it two time-gaps earlier, we'll make a lot more dough than we did."

"Are you betting on me?"

"Not so much on you, just the more daring ones, whether you can do what's coming or whether you're going to give up."

"What's waiting for me here?"

"Well, that's another question, but you've exhausted your frame, so I'm afraid I can't answer that."

"Damn you there..."

"Another 3 years and if I hadn't banned you, you wouldn't have enough time left in your life."

"But you promised me eternal life!"

"You know how bad we are at this Individual Consciousness and we never know when we are talking to which person. Of course you do, you've made your fortune out of it. So bye!"

"Where are you going?"

"Do you think I want to be here when the dimensional boundaries close? So I can suck you off with you? No way."

"Where's the camaraderie? Where's the team spirit?"

"Listen! You would do the same. You'd go if you could, wouldn't you? What good would it do me to stay here and be punished along with you for all the ideals we've broken? That way at least one of us gets away with it and it's team spirit that you don't rat me out for it."

"But I will! Fuck you!"

"Well, you won't be able to prove it. You're gonna tell me there were voices in your head? Go ahead, go ahead. I wasn't even here! Bye-bye!"


To Death Travel Agency (Parasympathetic feedback)

"What's a Travel Office to Death?"

"A dimensional business that requires specialized skills."


"Yes, but here paper is worthless. You need experience."

"Do you have that?"

"Sure. I'm also a self-taught death researcher."

"What service is this?"


"What does that mean?"

"Often the client doesn't even notice the journey, which can be used to create humorous scenes."

"Humorous? Can we hear an example?"

"Sure! I'm always happy for free publicity. The Customer was sitting on the right and a truck in the oncoming lane moved into their lane. Then the next thing you know - and here's where the punditry comes in - he was sitting in a movie theater in another reality where a truck was coming right at him on the screen. Those of you who were there will remember the frightened man jumping up, screaming loudly, he was so scared."

"Why the fright?"

"It is very important! Death is interpreted quite differently in here. So it's especially important to plan it well, because a professional execution can go a long way to helping the client. Many of these people, who do not choose a travel agency from the market (unfortunately I am the only one present in this capacity at the moment), believe in individual tourism. It has its charms, but I can assure you that we have the real expertise to avoid the potential inconvenience of individual travel."

"What does expertise mean here?"

"If the client requests it, we can also provide an artistic approach."

" You haven't said anything about fright. Why is that necessary?"

"Oh right, I'm not finished. A case of personal tourism is when someone gets really scared and dies. It can then get tangled up in the start-finish energy beam and push you out of it, causing you to miss your destination. Although there are specialised angelic services, it is not good to sit around and wait for who knows how long. So, if you are scared at first because a life-threatening situation comes up and you miraculously survive, you start rejoicing. If that's when the real death comes, you are in a perfect mood, which is better than going blind. That's one of our specialities, by the way."

"What kind of company is this?"

"Holo business."

"What's that?"

"It doesn't take a thought to set up and no tax office and shit like that."

"What's the artistic approach?"

"Some people ask for it when they want to be scared to death. We have clients like that."

"Are they living flesh and blood?"

"No, their Higher Selves. Who's the idiot to order that when the survival instinct is programmed into you? A lot of times the Angels join in, especially when they see that there's a quality service going on here, they're getting more and more interested."

"How does such fulfilment happen?"

"We work with very advanced holo-effects. We generate a completely realistic image and sound in the Brain for the visual and auditory nerves. So it's easy to be scared to death, so the work of the Creative Team who come up with the Stories becomes extremely important."

"That's terrible!"

"Now don't worry, the Process is tightly protected. No unauthorized use."

"Who has this been tried on?"

"Primarily on mobsters and ruthless criminals. You'd be surprised how many jumped off the roof. It tops the list."

"What's number two?"

"The question of guarantee might come up at a time like this, because if he doesn't die of fright and jump off the roof or jump in front of a car or something, he's going crazy. We don't try to do that because in such cases we have to ensure successful completion and in a mental hospital it's quite difficult to manage something like that without hurting anyone there. In such cases you have to ask for a favour from somebody to, say, pounce on him with a knife, which is not good because you can get the staff prosecuted for negligence. The best - and our company follows this philosophy - is you have to wait for the Occasion, which does tie up our attention and capacity, so we often put out a HoloShow for that."

"What Holoshow?"

"In which the object of the Game is for the contestants to kill the person without any particular problem. These are very popular shows."

"What's the benefit for someone to use such a service on the human level?"

"It removes a lot of problems, takes a load off your shoulders and gets things moving."


"Because you've come from a lot of unnecessary realities and merged with your Self from other realities one level up."

"What do you call that in a religious context?"

"Ascension, I think."

"In scientific terminology?"

"Dimensional ascension."

"Are you complicating this?"

"Exactly! And it's by Celestial Order."

"How do they pay?"

"Always exactly!"

Magicians in conversation

"What powers do you have?"

"You saw my show, didn't you?"


"Then watch one and find out."

"Do you make money with your powers?"

"Yes. It's perfectly normal and accepted here."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. What have you got?"

"I don't know yet."

"I don't understand."

"The ones I do have, they don't really act anywhere. Although you can make money with them, just not the usual kind."

"I don't understand."

"Now that's not a problem."

"If you don't know what skills you have, how do you use them?"

"They come when you need them. But the thing is, I don't keep it in mind, I have an automatism."

"Show me something."

"That's the problem. Where there's Essence, there's no spirit that allows you to gig."

"Then let's look for something that's not around the Essence."

"Well... when do you want to pay back the debt?"

"Uh sorry, I got a little sidetracked. You know I don't like to be late with repayment, so I think you can wait for it today if you have time. You know I rarely ask for a loan."

"I have time, after all."

"It's not easy to move that kind of money around. Really, how are you going to move it?"

"Maybe I'll buy a car."

"You're cool, I like that. What was that all about?"

"Before you got distracted?"


"About how I'm not going to meet the stage requirements."

"Yeah, well, you should think of something spectacular and then we can talk about it."

"I'll try."

"If you need help, let me know, you can see there's good money in it, so it's worth learning and improving yourself!"

Mirror America (The Explorer)

"Welcome back. What are the reasons behind your decision to take a new path and become an explorer?"

"I was touched by the winds of history."


"I realised I had to follow in the footsteps of the great Western explorers."


"Here on Earth."

"No offence, but everything on this planet has been discovered."

"That fact didn't bother the Western explorers much either. Neither will I."

"Can you explain that?"

"When these explorers landed somewhere, there were already people living there. So the place was already explored. Everything had its own name and was known to the locals. But the Western explorers gave everything a new name, most of them, of course, names that were already at home. Then, I suppose, to avoid difficulties of interpretation because of the different names, they made sure that only the people who used the new names survived. I'm not sure I'll go that far."

"What do you want to discover?"

"I figured I could explore America, aka Pateland by its new name, sooner or later. I'm planning to do that now."

"Why Pateland?"

"Because it doesn't exist yet and I want to be truly original."

"What about the locals?"

"You mean the indigenous people?"

"Er, yes."

"You'll get used to the new names, I say. I'm a civilised man. 30% of them will surely survive after colonization."

"Do you want to colonise?"

"I won't do that, I'll only discover. Those who come after me will do it."

"What if they defend themselves?"

"Yes, I'll have a harder time of it, because so far the locals have been friendly with all explorers, unfortunately I don't have the chance to ask them about it anymore. People today must have learned from this, so I expect them to be hostile."

"Where do you plan to make first contact with the natives?"

"In Pussycat."

"Where is that?"

"I think the natives call it New York, but a hundred years will pass and believe it or not, the name will be forgotten."

"Will there be any other changes?"

"Yes, they'll be a horrible savage and barbarous people."


"Because of my conscience. It would be terrible even to think of such a thing happening to advanced beings. But this way everything is peaceful and justified in hindsight by people who only know the truth from My news."

"Do I need any qualifications for discovery?"

"I have looked into that too. It turns out I don't. Nevertheless, I am educating Myself."


"I'm a little deeper in the native language so I can communicate with them."

"When will we hear from you when you're in the field?"


Conversation with Satan

"Welcome to my talk show tonight, where my first guest is Satan himself."

"Kisses to the viewers!"

"First, let's be clear about what makes you think you're Satan."

"Actually, people have a misconception about this subject because Satan's character is impersonal. When one realizes that he is an unknown being, it is worthwhile to immediately assess the advantages of this. Which is the ability to impersonate him. For this conversation, I am transforming into my persona and now you can ask me questions."

"I'm a bit surprised you're so convincing."

"You can't expect anything less from Satan."

"Who or what is Satan?"

"I have identified Satan with rationality in my meditations, at least that is what I have deduced from the beliefs of all kinds of beings. If this is true, then it is exactly right for the part of humanity that uses ration."

"Why? Is that not so?"

"In the cycle of Collective intervention, it's not nearly so clear. But when one's ration is turned off one doesn't realize it, only that the world is not going in the right direction."

"Why not?"

"Because a collective structure is very much not conducive to individual consciousness."


"Many things are not important to the collective that are important to the individual. So they don't pay attention to many things that are worth paying attention to. By the way, this niche market has been noticed by my problem-solving holo business and we are already in talks with the Angels."

"Who are these holo businesses and how big is this market? Who are the customers?"

"So far it's just Me, you know how this Sky is not open to this polytheism. But I'm interested in growing, so I'm providing a quality service without competition. And the Clients are not yet paying, only when I enter one of the Zones of Individual Consciousness."

"What do you mean they're not paying?"

"Because I'm doing charity work and the price of doing charity work is making the world a better place. So we do a lot of testing with eager prospective clients who participate as test subjects in all sorts of experiments. While the world is evolving, we're right in the middle of my business interests that are waiting to evolve there. That's the short way to understand it."

"If they become solvent, what happens?"

"I'll show you another pattern."

"What is it based on?"

"Shaft, of course! Now everything will be clean and honest, with a big emphasis on Quality. Which I of course set and have set the bar very high. A lot of fun quizzes will come out of it, so that it's really just the ideas for the realisation and the organisation that come out of it."

"What's fucked up about that?"

"Imagine the Truth coming out! No matter what, because now parameters are being solved and the parameter is 'the Truth'. I think a lot of people have a lot of funny life situations just from that. So viewers are looking forward to the pilots."


"Yes, because I don't think everyone survives, only the better series, shows, movies survive in this market. The angels are very picky."

"Is there any way around that?"

"I only deal with it at night, I chase it during the day. But I've never been on my own trail."

"How do you avoid them?"

"You have to hire the service that protects you."


"Yes, I'll have lots of friends, I'm sure!"

"What's in it for us?"

"If angels laugh a lot, it's equivalent to an angelic laughter cure. I must say that you are doing your best in this, so here is Business."

"But how will the average person feel the change in this new satanic image?"

"First of all, it should be understood as the emergence of surgery among internists, which in their eyes is a very evil thing. Just cutting into the poor patient. Only here it will be about psychic surgeons. So the new image is Satan Dude, and then the Role says I must call out God who makes a better world. That's the next chapter of fuckery, if it works. Because this way the dark forces will have a vested interest in making this Program run successfully, so many characters who misunderstood the Game are now facing exciting learning life situations. But this is a dimension of fuckery beyond your imagination for the time being."

"Thank you for talking to us!"

"You're welcome."

The sacrifice for spiritual science

"I don't understand what you're so upset about."

"Of course I'm freaked out!"

"It's a mirror of your world."

"Okay, let's open this up a little bit. You're saying that what I'm doing for spiritual science is not a big sacrifice."

"If you look at the science level, not so much. But if your personal sacrifice, then we can really come to a different realization."

"So how are you going to compensate me for that?"

"We're definitely going to give you a medal afterwards and pat you on the back and say, 'that's a good one, buddy'."

"That's not exactly what I mean by compensation."

"Why? The gratitude and thanks of our community isn't enough for you?"

"Do you want me to do this for gratitude and thanks?"

"No! That's for esoteric science."

"Is there such a thing?"

"Supposedly. Esotericism itself is always in hiding, so it's a big axe to grind for anyone who tries something like this. That's why there's a special respect for people who apply for such programs as you as test subjects."

"Wait, in my world, they'd call you stupid."

"Yeah, we've heard that the closer you bring your consciousness, the crazier people see you. But believe me, you can't wish for more than the love of angels. Oh, and it's not a good idea to offend them, because then they're not nearly as cute, but they still look cute."

"That's not what I was told when I applied to be a test subject."

"What did they say?"

"That this was a unique opportunity to test myself."

"So far, so good."

"That the job is not an ordinary one."

"So far, so good."

"It will be a special task that only an elite team can do."

"So far so good."

"Can you tell us what spiritual science is and what our role is in it?"

"We are currently conducting lab experiments to improve people's survival instincts and we have an ongoing need for test subjects. I'm very pleased that this new marketing company has taken over the previous tasks, finally the research is picking up again."

"But why don't you do it with people who are really doing it?"

"When you bite into a piece of meat in a restaurant with relish, you immediately become an accomplice to the sins of the cook, the butcher and the hunter."

"Do they really think like that?"

"Yes, if it weren't for the ÉlményPark, you'd all be finished."

"How did this ÉlményPark get built?"

"With the sacrifices of many test subjects for spiritual science."

"What did you do in it?"

"An indispensable thing. I was the job organizer."

"How did you organize it?"

"In my own style. Because I only focus on quality, work progresses enthusiastically at my place, while at other places it's a riot."

"What motivates them?"

"A well-perceived interest."

"Can you get out of this test-lessness?"

"See, if you start with that question, you can get away with all this. Everyone who wants any serious role in the ÉlményPark starts out as a test subject. I was one, which means I tried things out on myself. I was the best and most qualified at the time, but the world has changed a lot."

Random story

"Hehe, you listen, now that you've said that, I've realized that we can totally rule out a bunch of people and find out who was there at the time."

"Fine, but come in first, you can tell me inside."

"In the inner room inside?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Can I pour a drink?"

"Sure, you'll find everything there. I'll find something and then I'll go."


"So how's your group going?"

"I've got quite a few people."

"But which ones?"

"What's the difference? There are enough."

"The business?"

"That's going as well as it should. Yours?"

"I'm doing fine. Let's drink."

"How's the girl business?"

"I've got a celestial initiation coming up next week, as soon as we get it down, I'll tell you how much use it's gonna be."

"So we'll have to wait till then?"

"There's nothing else we can do."

"It's fine, I'll get into football in the meantime. Don't make me nervous about it, will you?"

"Why would you be nervous? You surprise me."


"Because if you're nervous, there must be a reason, right? Are you in love?"


"Otherwise you wouldn't give a shit, would you? But you don't give a shit."

"Shouldn't we just drop the subject?"

"Wait, I just remembered! What I was talking about when we came in! If we can rule out a bunch of people who were peeping at the window then and there, plus what I know about the case, it might turn out that the person couldn't have been anything other than............ You!"

"I'm really sorry, because you're a great guy!"

"What? Dude."

"Yeah, I haven't told you. My bad karma makes me lose people I start to like and I really liked you."

"Yeah, but I'm still alive, don't worry about it!"

"Yeah, I thought, an esoteric master who has a group and is really cool, so he's so good at warding off karma, but I didn't expect that either."


"That I'd have to fulfill it."


"You know, I told you, I'm looking for something too."


"I believe the quality and nature of our relationship was worthy of this samurai sword."

"I don't understand."

"Believe me, you should."


"If this, which you have now discovered, is known only to one man, who is Me, there is nothing wrong with my life. Now, the number of people who know about this case has doubled, and if I want to reduce that number back to one, I've got to make sure it doesn't go to three, five, seven, nine, you understand me so far, right?"

"I'm beginning to get the idea."

"So I figured, I shouldn't be the extra one and so I chose you."

"You listen, but really."

"Now I'm really going to pull this sword out of its scabbard and split your head in two with it. Though now that I think about it, the blood shouldn't be splattered so much on the carpet. Take it to get it cleaned and the hassle of the bloodstain, no. I'll stab you in the heart with it!"

"Are you seriously going to cut me with your sword?"

"Yeah, you didn't think your life was over a few hours ago when we were partying, did you? Believe me, neither did I, but I can't let that get out. I'm really sorry, it was a mistake to get clever."

"But what about next week's girlfriend stuff?"

"Trust me, this trick is your life insurance and your source of power, I know that. The others will be mad at me for sure, so 'and good thing you brought that up' they shouldn't even be able to find your corpse. There's only one person who's not going to tell anyone, right? It's made up!"

"You're really serious!"

"Of course I'm fucking serious!"

"But you idiot! Everyone does that! You'll get laughed in the face for two weeks and then people will forget. Every miracle lasts 3 days!"

"Not with me in my position! I'd be finished."

"You know, you asked me never to talk about your work, so I don't know anything about you. You asked me so you could relax more."

"Yeah, I really didn't think about that. Listen, it could be rougher, on my ranch, because then I'd give you some preference. You'll die with dignity here."

"But I've got important fucking business tomorrow!"

"And I've got a formal dinner tonight, it'll be boring, but the food's good. I'd tell you to think about me, but you can still do that if you have real time afterwards. At least you'll know what you're talking about. And if it's for your own good, because you're getting first-hand personal experience of what's been bothering you and you're going off into the mystic, you're going home, aren't you? So there can be no room for remorse or guilt. This is important to Me, you understand?"

"Don't fuck with me so much!"

"It's not up for discussion, mate. I really liked you, but I don't want to be late for dinner. This is important to me."

"But I've got so much to live for!"

"I wonder where your magic power is at this hour? From where I'm standing, it must be in your pants."

"Don't come any closer, you bastard! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me!

"This is the inner room, no one can hear you, the walls are thick."


"I don't need help, the Sword is here!"

Dodo's letters (into the business)

Helloha to all of you at home, family, friends, girlfriend(s), co-workers and all my fans in the Auditorium!

As you all know, I've been called here to solve a problem in this reality that I already had a holo-app for. This app does cool stuff, it's called Babel Fish Pro for a reason. The free version can be downloaded by anyone with their consciousness from the HoloStore, it downloads half asleep faster. This app knows that it brings your individual consciousness, i.e. YOU, together on a communication channel (presumably these can be very intense and weird dreams) with your angels, UFOs, ghosts, etc. and translates the meaning of what you communicate into the language of the other. So it translates what you want to say to it, not what you say to it and vice versa. It makes life significantly easier for everyone.

So I had this app, but here was a case of a complex problem for which there was nothing else to do but to make a target app. In other words, I had to make a remedy for the evening. Of course, they didn't see it that way for a long time, so it didn't go smoothly and things slowly started to grow beyond the small job I came here to do. I got involved in a project so big that the main priority became the detection and eradication of the root causes, and it was so well done that it was rewarded with a divine rank by the locals. This is all very well, of course, but it comes with a lot of obligations, which unfortunately hampers the own project's goals. Unfortunately, however, I cannot leave here because I have got into something that you will never get into, because I have immediately closed this security hole, I hope you understand. Becoming a god is just like that and I hope you will be happy at home when I appear as a god.

Of course you will still be my friends and my door will always be open to you, unless you come with a request and if you find me of course, which believe me, will not be easy. Because a holostar like me, an excellent scientist, explorer, researcher (!), guitarist, so such a versatile person is never easily available. I am sure you have wondered how I became who I am, with discipline, self-discipline, a lot of resignation, a great deal of understanding and a great deal of risk-taking. I know that I would not give anyone a second thought about these adjectives, but the end is such a joke that I was able to take them on. In the meantime, I have probably become a better person, yes, I am also in films, which is why I became a holostar. As a great thinker of our time, I can tell you how much I am hurt by this attitude, which these unfortunates cannot do anything about, because they really only know that much about the world. So I quickly built the necessary holo-operating system running on the required network of consciousness and started the projection. I've got a lot of holo businesses, I've become a real multi, because even though these lizards call themselves multi, they're just multinationals, mine are multidimensional, so they' re way behind. I am not sure by the time they reach our level whether they will have any place in our business environment, but they are the same in their own worlds, at least that is my experience as a human being.

I'm doing a very sacrificial angelic task, which I have the seal of approval for, so I don't understand the freak-out that saved everyone's asses from the attempted assimilation called the end of the world, after which everyone here would have lost their individuality. It's just that this Babel Fish Pro needed to be improved a bit to translate anything other than what it's supposed to, because if it translates the truth, all hell breaks loose here. In the meantime, so many jobs were coming in that it was all starting to come together into a bigger piece, which made me have to ascend, because I had to put that complex system together myself, since I alone on this planet have the necessary ration and skill set. My accusers, meanwhile, are of the opinion, of course only those of them who can see the point, that you cannot even imagine the kind of brutishness that is happening to them, you cannot even imagine it. But the aim is so noble that not only the fairies, the angels, but even the goddess(es) have tears in their eyes, and they are only accusing. I wouldn't accuse, I would just quack soundlessly, I would be so upset and admit defeat.

Because when I finished, I was sure that I was going to be killed in all reality, so I came. But that's not what happened. Or rather it did, but I was called back, which in this environment is only possible with a second coming. The recall was necessary because in the meantime the Two Parties (I don't want to name them, let one be the gummi bears and the other the kittens) started to really get to know each other and both started to claim the other, the old one, the real one. How morbid, isn't it? But that's not all, they were able to start religions, which they then promptly stole for themselves, and so their relationship with Heaven became problematic. That's why they first needed the Babel Fish, then suddenly there was a market demand for the operating system and from then on there was no stopping it. Since I have reached the 42nd dimension, I am sure we will meet on the way back, because the sacred channel is no joke! But you still have time to panic, but not so much here. I won't say any more about it, because I'll leak the best holofilms. My producer's office would definitely not be happy about it, because these actors are only really credible, they have that honesty and depth of experience in their acting, when they don't know anything and if there is a sequel, everyone wants to see the new season.

So I've made my career here, I feel at home, I'm an immortal being and I'm going to stay here for a while, because what is there that I won't get to later if I get bored of it here. However, experts know that in higher dimensions, the whole existence can be a moment, and immortality can be achieved by halving time at the moment of death and, before dying, jumping back into the reality, space and time that you want to be in and re-enacting your badly played roles at any time. How? As an Aquarian, I can tell you that it only works if there is no religious interpretation or sectarianism attached to it. Otherwise something else works, but I can't talk about the holoshows either, my producer would kill me. Because I can't even tell them I exist 1 week before the official announcement.

I'm going to close my lines in a manner befitting a true thinker.


Afterword by the author

I would state that I did not intend to offend anyone. That is why I apologize in advance to those I have offended. On the other hand, I want to offend those who have not been offended, but I will not succeed at all.

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