István Zsolt Diczig

Spirituality through rational eyes

"Imagine, I've been in the reality."

"Don't say much about it, or they'll think you're crazy."

"But what can I do once I've really seen the outside world?"

"I hope this doesn't make you a crackpot exoteric."

"I don't know, but my faith in scepticism is deeply shaken."

Budapest, 2002
© Diczig István Zsolt


Esoterica and magic

I have spent the last 20 years in a deep trance meditation that is unique in its kind, because after a couple of head injuries I became aquired savant syndrome, i.e. my brain opened to the realms of dreaming. The following is what wikipedia says about aquired savant syndrome:

„Savant syndrome, sometimes referred to as savantism, is a rare condition in which people with a developmental disorder have a skill, ability or acumen in one or more areas that contrasts with the limitations of the individual's general abilities. Although it is not a recognised medical definition, researcher Darold Treffert says the condition can be genetic or acquired.”

First of all, I would like to make it clear that my aim is clarity, for which I will sometimes sacrifice precision, but on the other hand I will use religious terms, despite the fact that I myself am not baptised. For if I want to be clear, I can only use such terminology towards people who are not experts in the field and have only this one interpretation available to them. When I was doing preliminary research to gather data and evidence, it struck me that in the circles that call themselves professionals, everything that comes from above is dismissed as 'it is God'. Since I started to study the spiritual world on a rational basis, the question of God also arose, and a separate chapter was opened on the subject, entitled "God Research". However, the divinity research meditations were no different from death research and dream research, which could be called by one word, esotericism.

But in people's minds, esotericism and magic are completely confused. Moreover, those who live only in the outside world do not take them seriously. So much so, that if I even write the word down or say it, many people may turn away from it now, because no one will explain it more simply and clearly. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, because the way holograms work is that what you believe is what you have and if you don't believe in magic, it's a great technique to use against magic. But what is magic that the average person only encounters in fairytales? Several branches of science came to the realisation, at about the same time, that the world around us is a hologram. If the world around us is a hologram, then reality is as real as a video game on a console is real. That's pretty much what Eastern philosophies and Western spirituality talk about, and it was this triad that started me on this path to meditation. If it were all frivolous, it would be hard for anyone who knows me to imagine that I would sit in an apartment for 20 years just for fun. Those 20 years passed at an extremely tense pace, as the answers to my questions brought me to a level of understanding where I realised that I had a great responsibility in what I did with it. If the world is a hologram, the easiest way for an average person to understand it, after successfully overcoming the first thought of bursting out laughing, is as if the world were a holographic video game that we live in. If the creators of Eastern philosophies had been able to know the concepts of hologram and video game, they would not have had to explain in 20 pages what they meant by illusion. In reality, magic is really stupid, in the reality where spirituality is stupid. I lived in that reality, yet I was open to not denying the existence of spirituality, but I was not willing to accept that existence as truth without proof.

Because if spirituality exists, then magic exists. If magic exists, it completely reassesses the preconceived notion of everyday life that has been ignored until now. The object of interest from then on is the mechanism of action of magic, if one approaches it with a practical eye... which is exactly the same as when one takes up martial arts in order to be able to defend oneself in the street. Yes, but as one begins to see more and more of the martial arts, the philosophy of the art opens up and by the time one realizes it, the importance of street fighting becomes a secondary factor. It is exactly the same with magic, with the comment that in the martial arts we also see people abusing the knowledge they have acquired on the street. If I could compare magic to martial arts, it logically follows that magic can also be used as a weapon. It would be nice to know then what magic is and why people confuse it with esotericism. But then it would be good to know what esotericism is and what the difference is between them.

To understand it, we must first understand the hologram, which was discovered in the middle of the last century. For the average person, holograms are images and stickers that show the image of objects in space, while the surface itself is just a sheet. You see the plane as a square because it is interfered with using a laser, so all the information carried by the wavefront is preserved because it perfectly captures the waves reflecting off the object. Advances in holographic technology are now allowing long-dead artists to perform on stage and opening up other amazing possibilities in the entertainment industry, not to mention a wide range of other applications. But the principle of operation is the same. If you cut a small piece of the image I just mentioned with scissors and illuminate it with laser light, you might be surprised to see not the small piece but the whole image in miniature. This is only possible because the hologram has an interesting property, namely that every part of it has all the information. And this is where esotericism, which means 'inner world', comes into the picture. When you hear the term esoteric literature, there is no such thing and it would be more appropriate to use the term spiritual literature instead, but here too there is a confusion of concepts. The reason it doesn't exist is because you can only talk about esotericism when you are looking at a tiny slice of yourself. If you read a book, you are certainly not doing that. The purpose of esotericism is to examine within yourself a tiny slice of yourself, which if you shine an enlightened light on, you will find the whole world within yourself. However, the mind can not only project but also shape reality, and we can speak of magic when your intentions appear in the outside world as a result of these shapes. It is important to note here that magic is the common language of spiritual realities, i.e. it goes far beyond what those who are interested in it at the beginning start. Since the assertion of your intentions also means power in the outside world, from here the subject takes a sharp turn and enters the world of business and money, sex and politics. 


To illuminate a small slice of oneself with enlightened light requires several things that are not easy to achieve in this fast-paced, stress-filled world. But this does not mean that one is cut off from the possibility of meditation, because there are many forms of meditation. If you do monotonous work, after a while the activity is taken over by secondary attention, as can be observed, for example, when driving a car or when you are obfuscated. So what we call meditation is a very broad concept. It's like when you like to play tennis, but to do it on the main court of a Grand Slam tournament takes a lot of determination and preparation. Because that enlightened light doesn't just come there by itself.

The reason I just mentioned the sharp turnaround in the power of the outside world is because in ancient times, humanity didn't have so many of the achievements of the modern world, so they had much more time to study their inner world and magic, for lack of TV, say. Techniques developed which I could perhaps compare to the various schools of kung fu, which you can find on the shelves of bookshops, and they lived on with the knowledge passed on to the next generation. They then institutionalised themselves into secret and not so secret societies and appeared in all walks of life. When the philosophy that time = money appeared, these societies split in two main directions. One maintained the core values of insisting on the inner work and time required to achieve enlightenment, which in turn provides the maturity needed to achieve it. The other considered it more important to bring people to them "for a greater purpose" as quickly as possible and to ensure that no harm came of it. This means that, in today's fast-paced, business-like world, it is possible to get to a level of power quickly by getting away with the time and effort involved, but at a cost that is certainly not understood at the beginning and too late later. I am concerned with the latter only for the sake of restoring initiation, which is not yet a very big clientele in the present, for who would be happy to give up the power they have enjoyed and only get it back if they make up for the shortfall. There is also a segment of this that is not business but task-based, where it is not up to the free will of the people, but let us not rush so far ahead to the corrective phase of repairing the world. The point is that you basically have three choices today if you want to make progress in this. Either you start yourself on your own individual path, or you go to an honest master, or you go to an dishonest master. For this world is more vast, deeper and more knowledgeable than the average person would think.

Meditation has one main rule, and that is that you make the rules. Yes, but you are a beginner and you don't know how. And you have known since childhood that if you don't know something, you have to go to someone who does know it and teaches it to you. But in doing so, especially in a world like this, and especially in a field where your faith and trust are being asked for in advance in the absence of evidence, you are taking a gamble that has your life at stake. Therefore, what you read here will be worth its weight in gold later on. You will never hear me say that I am your master, because everyone here can only be their own master. If you have another person as your master, it is also an admission that you are not good enough, brave enough or smart enough.  Make no misunderstanding, I once attended some of these groups myself, where there was a misunderstanding that I was doing it for data and evidence gathering as part of my individual journey, whereas what the masters were thinking, I don't know, because they didn't tell me while I was there. But this gave me the opportunity to learn spiritual warfare quickly and in the flesh, because it is something that exists. But to do that, you have to believe in yourself as a beginner what your inner channels are telling you and fearlessly go to war with a master if you have to. Here you are reading the signposts of an experienced person whose path you don't have to tread, because you make the decisions, because your name is on the scoreboard and not the coach's. And I'll start with one of the best short stories about meditation in contemporary esoteric literature, the author of which I'll keep secret out of modesty.

Keep your back straight!

"How did you learn to meditate?"

"I just realized that what I do all the time is actually meditation."

"Can't meditation be done only in a meditation session?"

"Many people push themselves while ironing or washing dishes. But anyway, you do a very serious meditation every day from a professional point of view, and it takes you very deep when you fall asleep."

"But when I fall asleep, I don't control it."

"Then you know what daydreamer means."

"Will you teach me?"

"Oh, sure! Sit down here and sit with your back straight."

"Is that good?"

" Yep. Now you have to sit quietly like this for two hours. It's an exercise, let's start."

"Am I sitting right?"

"In terms of Chi, excellent."

"So now I sit quietly for two hours. What should I do in the meantime?"

"Try not to think about anything."

"Think about nothing?"

"If you can think about it, that's something."

"That's impossible."

"That's why not everyone can do it the first time and it takes years to get the hang of it. That's why you're asking me to teach you, after I told you, how it's good for you. But I like a challenge. Hey, straight back!"

"Do you have a special meditation pose?"

"Special? Yes, but what's special for me might be ordinary for you."

"What's average for you?"

"I don't know, as good. I usually like it in the armchair or I fall into my bed. The latter is when you don't really need it, just the bandwidth."

"Do you fall asleep?"

"There are lots of little stations between the Wakefulness Attention Concentration and Deep Sleep end stations."

"So you're falling asleep."

"To a superficial outside observer, yes."

"Wait, I don't understand, in that case, why would I have to sit with my back straight for two hours?"

"This is the first time in my life I've ever been in the position of teaching someone meditation. I've refused to do anything like this before, but now I feel like it."

"And you, the sleeper, are going to start teaching me to do this, when you may never have done it in your life?"

"So it was with responsibility. And now I'm teaching it excellently."

"So I just sit and think of nothing. But what if I try, but I can't, and some thought comes?"

"Now that's meditation."

How to meditate

Meditation itself is a process that literally sucks you in. If it were a question of how to prepare for it, I would only say things that don't include what I would consider to be technical terms such as what posture to meditate in, but would focus solely and exclusively on human qualities and abilities. When it started for me specifically, I couldn't say, because it doesn't start on a starting gun, it starts a long time before, and one becomes aware of it at some point. That is, if he becomes aware, which is the 20% of the cases in which you are willing to put more into it and give up the outside world. If you don't, you go on living your life and meditate while you do it in a way that feels like a deeper rumination on yourself. Meditation is therefore primarily about interpreting thoughts and relating them to the right emotions. Whether you exclude the outside world or not, I would compare it to playing tennis at a professional or amateur level. You can play good matches at the amateur level, and I know from experience that amateurs take to the court for the enjoyment of the game, while only a fraction of professionals are like that.

Perhaps two things to note here. The first is correct breathing. And the second is that you don't have to worry about what you're going to do and whether you're going to do it right, because you'll know what you're going to do and you'll do it right sooner or later. By the way, whether you do something well or not is only meaningful to the rational brain, because only the rational brain has conditions against which to define well or badly. Again, in theory no one would need to seek outside help to do this, but we are not all the same, I did it in a hurry by watching some masters live and I needed the proof of the existence of the spiritual world at the time.

If you go the way of going to a master, he/she will tell you these things. Because if you go to such a person or group, he/she is the boss. If you want to remain your own boss, then there is no other way than the way of Buddha, who went into a forest and did not come out until he reached enlightenment. What Jesus did was to go to a master in Egypt, then leave there and travel the world as it was then known, before going to Judea, where he was accused by the Jews (according to the Talmud) of sorcery and idolatry, and then hanged. The Bible says otherwise, but it's basically a storybook, an idealised textbook from which the essence of Jesus' teachings were taken out in time for you to meet his original name (Matarius), in case you can guess the meaning of matryoshka dolls. The Western religions also forbid meditation, which is what their first saints actually did to create what they have now become. Mohammed took a slightly different path, he founded a religion in his lifetime, unlike Jesus, in whose name others did so long after his death. But he already had an example before his eyes, which requires understanding that at the time of the unification of the different ancient time systems according to Christ, almost 300 years were added to the timeline, and several times the same event under different names. Therefore, it is shaky for people today to understand where the Arian heretical movement suddenly disappeared to and how 300 years later Islam could also be born so suddenly. So if you start meditating alone, there is always the possibility that you will draw a big card in this game and you can be sure that only posterity will be able to tell stories about you that will surprise you. It is not for nothing that the churches forbid meditation, if for no other reason than fear of power, for there was another world before theirs in which their appearance was as unbelievable and unimaginable as yours is now. Anyone with an expert eye might say that this is not something a normal person would do, but you will see when you start meditating that with the first rise in perspective you step out of the normal person's skin and all that is left is the role you play in front of other people.

Far be it from me to expect anyone in today's world to move into a forest, but if you get to the heart of the story, complete isolation is possible in a major European city. As a first step, I would perhaps suggest that you shouldn't try to keep the world away from you, but yourself away from the world, because that's much easier. It seems like a phrase, like many clichés that will make sense later when they are full of meaning. But it's all in the mind and it all depends on your mind. That's because the individual human brain projects the world and is in constant contact with the hologram through it, i.e. the human brain is a holographic computer. If we stick to the video game analogy, you, one of the characters in the game, decide to increase the abilities and capabilities of your character, so you have to make certain improvements on this computer. Please do not turn off the computer while the installation is in progress and do not start any games, so while you are meditating it is advisable to be away from the world. However, the world will do its best to keep you away from it, and it has not only negative fates but also sweet traps at its disposal. Which is logical, if we assume that the aim of the Game is to play, i.e. players should not accidentally grasps admin levels and those who try to do so should show the determination and skill to do so. Since humans are social beings, the first challenge is to accept and love the precious state of solitude, the only life situation in which your brain is capable of reaching an elevated level. It is not the only one, because mind-altering drugs, also known as narcotics, also have the ability to take the brain to a different level of consciousness, but that is a separate chapter, so I will deal with that in its own place later. What is worth knowing here is that it makes things a lot easier, but they become difficult later on, and there is a Hungarian saying that whatever one gains at the toll, one loses it at the customs. So drugs help at the beginning, because they raise the level of consciousness and make it easier to get into a meditative state of mind, but if you want to keep to your predefined goals, you have to shift your consciousness position at some point, which later becomes a task to be solved. There is no right choice here, there is only choice.

But not everyone thinks that this solitary, inward-looking, shut-out meditation type is best for them. That's right, although everyone wants to be a top 10 tennis player, they're content to just play matches with their mates. But anyone who wants to be a top 10 should go into it knowing that their old life is over and that, while many will envy them, it is far from certain that they will always enjoy it. It involves a lot of resignation, sitting around when you'd like to be partying and holding firm when the hard times come, whether inside or outside. It's not worth overstating the case here, because if you really get serious about it, the information will come not from outside, but from inside, with the necessary individual knowledge and skills. In other words, what you are reading here is actually a way of talking you out of it, which has the advantage that those who still decide to do so afterwards already know what I am talking about and are not coming to the end of the pep talk. I would rather have fewer people, but they have to be of good quality, and that means having a rough idea of what to expect. Because brain development sounds great, but in practice it can sometimes be a pain and if you succeed, your old friends will be too stupid for you and because they no longer understand you, they will think the same of you. To be recognised, you have to show them success, which you can only do by coming back. And this return is such that when you go up, everyone below looks like a fool, when you go back, then above. So it's worth thinking about what you really want from it, which is not easy if you don't know what you'll find and how much you should dream about it. I dared to dream very big and I've been sitting here for 20 years, and those who dream too little don't get anywhere near this level.

The thing is, the right goal here is not the higher and higher the better, but the ideal for you. And it's a good idea to set this dream goal with a parameter before you find yourself in a situation that you don't really feel like or are prepared for. If you are not at your own level in your own environment, then some of your energies will be spent trying to meet the expectations, customs and laws of different levels. And you will never be happy in that. So the first thing is the Dream that sets the goal for you, and this forms a ray that you will have to follow with your intuition. The ray will basically keep you on the arc that will take you there, but in the meantime you may be subject to many influences that may divert you from it, or you may get stuck for the sake of, say, a good job or marriage. Most people don't really take this seriously because the effects of reality are much stronger and because the spiritual goal is just an imaginary mystery, only a fool can stick with it when life offers all sorts of good opportunities and you have to pay the bills. I could say it was easier in the old days, but it wasn't easier, and you might as well end up at the bonfire, but it's not easier now to get off social media, forgo the likes and the coolness by playing the 10% or so chance that you might be really cool later. However, being cool later is a goal you set with a low vision and here's why that might be a problem. Imagine living as a human in a troop of monkeys, where you set yourself the goal of one day being their leader, or a figure of great authority. Then you get out of there, you realise you are human and when you settle into being human you have to deal with the ray of your own former intentions that starts to pull you back into the monkeys to be their leader or a high authority figure. You will see the situation quite differently. So I say again, don't aspire to the highest, aspire to the most ideal for you and you can avoid this problem later.

I suggest that the first ray you consciously plant for yourself should be aimed at a point in your ideal future when you are in the right perspective to take control and responsibility for it into your own hands. And when you are there, you will see your next ray, which you will have most likely installed during your meditations before, because your consciousness will no longer be bound by the continuous timeline of 3D. You can only understand this in it anyway, you will only remember it here when the experience is recalled to you. It's not even worth saying more about this, because there are practical issues that are more important in the here and now.

It's okay to meditate at some point, but until then what the hell do you do. So I say:

    1. Keep living your life

    2. Create the material conditions for meditation

    3. Reprogram yourself

Just because you're reading this doesn't mean you have to start right away. Many people make the mistake here of getting immature into something they see as a romantic fad. It's a path that can be changed at any time, but ask a divorcee how easy it was. I suggest you read me until you feel it is of benefit to you, then forget it and get back to your life. Live your life and then you will realise that your journey has actually already begun here, because everything begins when certain resolutions, intentions and goals are made. Allow time for the world (the hologram) to prepare for this and allow time for yourself to prepare for these things. In other words, get on with your life. In the meantime, you are not forbidden from thinking that you will one day find yourself in a situation in life where it would be good not to depend on others, when you meditate for years and years and purposefully save your earned money for this. In India, you would have an easier time in a receptive and accepting society, but ours is not like that. Here the only difference between a pathetic idiot and a mysterious genius is whether you have money or not. If you do, you don't even have to prove anything, because no one will expect you to, because the fact that you have money is proof enough for people. If you don't have it, you can easily go to radical extremes, which you can later capitalize on... if you survive. For certain special abilities only emerge under duress, which is nevertheless not only a lutri, but also a constant source of discomfort. You'll never have a moment in your life that you can enjoy to the full, even if you take it as a joke, because the constant lack and need is soul-destroying in nature. But you must also be careful how you acquire the money to do so, for honour and integrity will become extremely important in later life, and may even affect your attainable spiritual status. I am not saying that it is easy, but if you parameter it well in advance, you can do it. The world is a holographic video game in which you can set these up with your mind, but there is no guarantee that you will succeed or that it will work out as planned. There are other aspects to this game and there are other players in it with countervailing interests besides your own that are diverting you in other directions. But your goal should be to create the material conditions for your future meditation.

The biggest challenge, however, is how you slow yourself down and become able to stop the world from happening to you. You live at a certain pace of life, which is certainly the minute-based time step. I have reached the ten-year time step, after which the next level is the hundred-year. This is an interesting moment for me, because it is beyond the normal human lifespan, but it is theoretically possible to go beyond it, but only practice can confirm it, which will take a little while. The ten-year time step means that nothing is happening in my life, so much so that my sense of time has changed. Of course, it's different when you're working with your mind on several levels of consciousness at the same time, for me, my mind is where my work is. I can get there immediately, there's no traffic and I can work overtime as long as I want. To slow down to that pace, I had to figure out how. The outside world is really nothing more than a mass of interlocking dreams, stimulating and reinforcing each other, emitted by individual consciousnesses. Because it pushes people in the opposite direction to spirituality, everything that should happen inside happens outside. I have two excellent examples of this, one is the internet, which shows you what the web of consciousness looks like before your eyes, and the other is quantum physics, which has already crossed the boundary of spirituality. It is as if someone or something is experimenting with explaining something in a non-verbal communication, but people don't speak that language and don't realise it is a language. They don't see the world that way either. I only know and understand this because I have slowed myself down to a level of stillness where I can open up to esoteric inner communication and thought communication like magic. So this stillness is necessary to reach higher levels of meditation, but the crises in the world right now are having the opposite effect on people and you have to find a way to become still in this. The general way is to get fed up with everything, fed up with people and the world, and start thinking about death, which is one way out, but it is far from certain to be the right way. I have done my death research meditations and what I have found is that these crises may be artificially induced by someone to make people let faith take control of the mind. Because the other way is that you get fed up with it and you convert to God, and then your exit is through the open channel of your faith to Heaven or Hell, which theologically are both The Sky. Because if this is a holographic video game with consciousnesses trapped inside, then the body doesn't matter to those who want to rescue consciousnesses in this form, but it matters to us. The primary goal of these meditations was to understand the problems, and I have found in my deep trance meditations that often the goal is to understand and articulate the problem itself, because only then is it possible to create the right path to a solution. And this can only be achieved by the third way, which is to develop your own technique to be able to find complete stillness in spite of the stresses of civilisation. I managed to do this in a desperate and hopeless situation by thinking that panic is the worst and total calm is the best you can bring out of yourself in that situation. It's certainly easier to play with your faith when it's not controlled by anyone but yourself, and this is where the fact that the priests in my secular life have stayed away from me has significance. So the way to get to the gate of meditation is to start reprogramming yourself. But you can only get there if you have the intention and the goal, which in your case may only be achieved by a monthly or yearly time scale. Not everyone will become an android programmer, because most people prefer to develop apps under it. The reason you need to reprogram yourself is because you are already reprogrammed by the things that interact with you in your daily life, such as fashion, advertising, celebrities, music, movies, books, social media and the information and invisible energies that flow from them. These slowly reshape you so that your dreams are in sync with the dreams of people who can create drifts and they surf on these dreams that are empowered by these masses. Like populist politicians, or even Elon Musk with the electric car and then Space X, but as we can see he can step on the banana peel of the Twitter logo. It's a game where no one is safe and to resist them you have two choices. One is to not believe in any of it, which is actually a belief that severely diminishes the power of the magical effects that can be cast upon you. The other is to go the opposite way, but to do this you must first get yourself in order and clarify your values, and then come to an agreement with yourself (between your two hemispheres of your brain, in fact). The latter is difficult because it is so easy to fool yourself, but you will find that out anyway if you don't stop shaking in your knees. The way it works is that you are a single person anyway and have nothing to do but think about the world, your place in it, friendship, love, money and so on, taking one of these topics at a time and not bringing up the next until you have formed the opinion you think is deep down inside you. As you succeed, you will reduce the tension that is actually caused by the clash of values, that you think differently about something deep down than you believe it to be on the surface. It may also be that the decision you make on the surface will be the better one, otherwise I would say to accept whatever your heart tells you, but as we know, the Heart is not a wise man. This is not the world of the Heart, but it would be no good if it were, for then we might never have emerged from the caves. As you come to the end of the topics, you find that a complete calmness washes over you and the shaking in your legs ceases. In other words, exactly what you need to start meditating happens to you.

What to look for during meditation

At first, you will probably meditate in such a way that, on the one hand, because you are not experienced at it, your thoughts will work their magic without inhibition, targeting the people you want something from. On the other hand, you will be satiated by the experiences you are having. Your brain will probably be revved up and this is the time you'll remember later as "that was so cool". Very similar to drugs and marriage. As your individual consciousness rises with you, there will be a clash with the collective consciousness, which is better experienced alone at home rather than in a god complex in front of the whole world, as Kanye West did. In this transitional state, you can expect to feel things like the world is for you, you are the greatest wizard in the world and so on, all because your individual consciousness will be unfamiliar with what it means to have access to the resources of the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is not happy about this either, because it will be subject to unexpected and immature influences that it will not be able to identify the source of, because to it the individual consciousness is as incomprehensible as the collective is to you. Whenever you have any thoughts, they will run through the network and you will slowly realize that other people's thoughts are running through you as if they were your own and it will be imperceptible to you because your brain will reinterpret it to your individual perspective. But this is also how dreams work, when people you know appear in them, because your brain tries to make the signs understandable to you and fills the story with places and situations you know, and weaves them together. If you can't handle that, it's better not to go around people. People who are inexperienced and lack confidence can easily fall into the trap of panicking about what's going on in their heads and as we know, panic is one of the worst things if you give it room to run wild, which can close everything down and you may never dare to try it again because of the extremely unpleasant experience. And if you end up in a psychiatric ward, which you can get there by being taken there by your loved ones, you are forbidden to believe that you are ill, because one of the properties of the hologram is that what you believe it creates for you. If you know what's going on but the doctor doesn't, it's hard to deal with, especially if you tell him everything honestly, because you'll get the opposite effect, unless fate throws you a psychiatrist who is open to esotericism, which the chances of that are (much) less than (much) greater. If there is one of the many positive effects of this book, it may be that it is read by psychologists, among whom there may be some who are not trying to diagnose me. So it's better to be home alone, because you never know what things might come up that you'd rather no one else look at.

I have already mentioned the first thing to watch, but I will repeat it, because there may be some of you who dare to do what the others do not. So whatever happens in your mind, you keep your inner calm. You can try this even if it's not in your head, if you can keep your inner calm, you can do the serious things.

One of the things that can frighten people is when they encounter thought communication and realise that they are hearing strange thoughts or messages in their own head. For me, of course, it's a daily routine to the point where I don't even notice it, but for someone who has never experienced it, it can be quite bizarre at first. Once you realise this, it's already a pretty good level in the sense that your brain is no longer racing and you can sense the inner silence in which these strange thoughts become perceptible. I've already written a piece on this for Medium (where I stopped writing because I realized I'd already written all I could write) called Alien Communication, where I discussed why aliens don't have radio signals. The reason they don't is because they don't use radio signals. The reason they don't use them is because radio signals are only developed by separate species like ours. Communication is done at the holographic level in the form of thought communication, and if I understand correctly, 6G technology follows the same principle, only it's called quantum informatics. I also found in the Arvisura that such things were used on a daily basis on Earth in the days before collective amnesia and who was capable of what was marked with a carat or karély. The high carat initiates were also able to communicate with alien planets, I am beyond galaxies, beyond time, beyond parallel realities and I won't tell you where I am at the moment, no one would believe or understand. So there's no need to be scared, but I admit that it will be tempting.

Those who manage to get beyond this will surely meet beings from the spiritual world who appear as you know and believe them to be. Since it is usually up to you, they are usually angels in the roles you assign to them. So far it's all been so nice and logical, but here I must apologize to anyone who has been able to follow this so far, because I can't skip the next few unfortunately. But to do that we must now go back to the imaginary prehistoric times when the first people tried to find explanations for the stars, lightning, storms, sunshine and rain. Not to mention the fire around which they sat and jumped. The question could be raised as to who or what caused these phenomena. Without the necessary scientific background and, of course, without advanced rationality, the assumption was made that behind these phenomena were supernatural beings who were the gods of these phenomena. This is where the tricky twist comes in, because if we know that such beings really exist because of the higher dimensions and we also know that the hologram creates for you what you believe, then we are talking about two spiritual realities that people still believe to be one to this day. Since I've been meditating for 20 years and not reading anything from others, I don't know if anyone before me has figured this out, but I suspect not. It's not because people don't meditate with their rational brain, especially when they entrust themselves to supreme beings. When I first got into this, even I was not shunned by the religious approach to certain phenomena, and I use such terminology from time to time precisely to make my point more understandable. So anyone who reads me will be infected with religious interpretations, which I regret, perhaps I will write a book later on that will follow my terminology fully. But in today's world, understanding is more important than perfect accuracy, so I will continue in that spirit.

Two Spiritual Realities

One spiritual reality, seen from 3D, is the normal expansion of Space, the continuum of higher dimensions into lower dimensions. Not ignoring what you might experience in the cinema, that you have the huge screen in front of you, but there is a point of projection. That is, perhaps it is more accurate to approach the higher dimensions from the 1st dimension, but the point is the same, our 3D reality is in its place between the 2nd and 4th dimensions. But the thing is, in this approach, the Outer World does not exist. Everything that takes place in this system takes place WITHIN. The outside world exists because in the third dimension things cannot happen at the same time and the flexibility of the hologram has created space and time. But just as a computer is useless without programs, an empty hologram will not be able to represent processes, so matter was created in it. Which gave it the ability to display elements of consciousness across a wide spectrum, at different levels of intelligence. Here I am talking about creation in practice, which I consider to be an accident, i.e. according to the state of my research so far, we cannot talk about conscious creation with the remark that certain levels of intellect are able to influence these processes intentionally. My position is shaped by two schools of thought. One is a scientific approach based on logical rationality, which is based on evidence. The other is the one I encountered after the ascent of consciousness. It is not considered religious or faith based thinking because religious faith is flawed. If I perform a holo installation on a computer running a holographic operating system and install an adventure game on it, I become the creator of the creatures that live inside it. But if I don't install the game, I just take control of the game and appoint myself as the creator, I become the creator for the characters in the game. But even if I were the creator, it's far from certain that I would be equal to the being that everyone here imagines as having "omnipotent" powers. I wrote a short story about this.

The creator

"But this metro line is beautiful. Who made it?"

"A tunnel boring company."

"But they're not here."

"Yes, they've finished the work and they've been paid for it."

"So who's running it now?"

"The transport company."

"But who's the creator here?"

"You don't know, maybe the client."

"But the client is not the intellectual author, is he?"

"I don't think so. It could be an engineering firm."

"So the creator is the contractor?"

"That's a philosophical question. Some say the creator is the one who made the tunnels. Others say the creator is the one who invented it. But some say it's the one who came up with the idea. I've heard voices that consider engineers to be the ones. So you never know."

"But what do the newspapers say about it?"

"That it's not who the creator is, but that you can use it. And how you can use it."

"But then where do I say thank you?"

"Maybe to whoever paid for it all."

"Then there are many here who can call themselves creators."

"They all consider themselves so."

"Aren't they fighting over this?"

"They're not. But people like you do. There are gangs who'll fight for what's right."

"But then everyone here is right."

"Yeah, I guess so. They're probably only interested in the fight, the cause is secondary."

"If the passengers get in trouble, is it worth calling the creator?"

"No, that's when the rescue teams come. And they really have nothing to do with whoever created all this."

"But who pleases you in the image of the creator?"

"The politicians."

In my research I came across another possibility when I was looking for an answer to the question of why it is such a problem whether or not one acknowledges the deity of Christ. The Arian Christian movement, which has been declared heretical and is suspected of having become Islam, denies the divinity of Christ. When we look at Islam, we see a very different world from that of the Christian cultural world. Christ is a level of consciousness that anyone can reach with the right purity and the right determination, it is the same level of consciousness as the crystal and that is where it gets interesting because crystals are the basis of non-chip based technologies. They transmit vibrations, they also act as a storage device and this technology makes it possible to control a spaceship with your thoughts. Let's not forget that we use the power of lightning, so we think in terms of external energy, because we see everything outside, so that's also the basis of our thinking. For those who are not so disconnected, it is as incomprehensible as it is for us to think not in flashing dashboards and control panels, but in the fact that everything can be created and controlled by the mind. If somebody, say an alien race, came up with the idea of helping 3D beings to ascend, they would give you the crystal technology that can store consciousnesses, you just have to bring the consciousnesses of those people to that crystal level. If we put ourselves in the perspective of the people at the same time, we are looking at a world religion where they believe in the deity of Christ. If, at the same time, another race were to come up with another idea, it would be enough to place Christ in the story without his divinity to bring Christian believers into its agenda with any luck. It is important to note here that the North American Indians had much more to do with true Christianity than the Europeans who came with the crosses and completely transformed their religion thanks to the Jewish interpretation. Just as Islam would look very different without the Arab interpretation, I have had the privilege of seeing this for myself, but I am only explaining it in the paid version, along with many other stories. In my agreement with Heaven, the free versions also include everything one needs to succeed in one's tasks, commitments and shift in consciousness. But if I have to take into account the Principle of the Mirror, I have to adapt to the customs and rules of this world, so those who want to know more and want to know the stories too, know that there is a price to pay. After this little digression, I return to the problem of the two spiritual worlds.

So if the hologram works by trying to create your faith for you, then so will the faith of the cavemen sitting around the fire. Because the people sitting around the fire live in the outside world, they can rightly assume that these invisible forces and beings are also in the outside world above them, invisible around them. People still believe this today in the age of holographic projection and networked knowledge, because the effect-illusion of reality (= the game) is so strong that even those who know that the source of their projection is themselves pray upwards. Christianity has also come up with the image of an old man with a grey beard representing God in a ring of angels, up and out somewhere in the sky, but Islam forbids the depiction of these beings for a reason, because it is a much more spiritual and collective religion. So the breaking point between Eastern and Western spirituality is exactly where I am going to talk more about.

The reason there are two spiritual worlds is because one is created by us physical beings with our beliefs, or rather created for us by the hologram. This is the invisible spiritual world that is all around us and above us, full of beings that we also created. This situation would be manageable if it were not for the transmigration of souls, which is also a misunderstanding created by illusion. The Spirit does not migrate anywhere because it is everywhere. Nor does it go anywhere outwards when death occurs, because every human being is an internal network endpoint, and when one of these endpoints becomes inactive in one reality, it can still be active in other realities, and even if it leaves, it can only go inwards. But man has created an anomaly that I can explain in a way that is easy to understand. When you say transmigration of souls, you associate the soul with the individual, that is, with the soul of the one person who has died. But the soul is collective, which is divided into many tiny fragments of consciousness, which in this rational world are attached to a rational hemisphere of consciousness in individual consciousness. If you were to use the word transmigration of consciousness, we would be much closer to the point that there is a continuity in the relationship between past lives and the present that is meaningful to an individual. Anyway, the little point everyone makes of this is that time runs in a straight line that doesn't end in the present, so when we talk about past lives, it is equivalent to next lives, which are hardly ever mentioned. So when you think that after death the soul goes outwards, the hologram tries to make that happen and that's what the wandering souls who don't manage to go fully inwards are made of. And the anomaly has been created, which spiritual beings who lack both rationality and expertise and alien species on the physical plane are trying to somehow remedy. I think that the present form of earthly religions serves a purpose, to somehow rescue these fragments of souls from this outer spiritual world, who themselves try to leave by trying to invade in large numbers the precious people with whom a plane will crash. If a war breaks out somewhere, seen from this perspective, it is a highway, and so even the events of the Second World War take on a different tone. The two worlds are so different that often those most opposed on both sides are those whose helpers create the opportunity.

If I have talked about one spiritual reality, I will also talk about the other. You can observe this world when you fall asleep and enter sleep. Because the spiritual world actually exists inside. But the thing is that dreams are also two-way non-verbal communication, and that's where the game control itself happens, so that when you wake up, you make your choices and do what you have to do based on the codes you receive in the dream. In my dream research, I also found that it often happens that you assist your version of yourself in parallel realities when you appear in it (as an occupier). But just like Bering's Row, this can go both ways (an example taken from my research into the origins of the Hungarians), so logic dictates that you can be occupied by a parallel reality version of yourself when they are in a dream. But there are also less well-intentioned aspects of this, if we assume that there may be beings, races, spiritual beings who use this inner channel of yours to invade other realities, or to attack your higher self or your angel of the heart. We humans are not capable of fighting such a process, but it is possible that someone will devise and develop a method that may enable us to do so. The same philosophy that Hunyadi used to defeat the Turkish armies. Adopt his fighting style and do better than him. I guess you understand that it is totally unnecessary to bore you with the details of this, but not only have I planned this over 20 years, but I have developed a spiritual high technology based on my time spent studying the hologram. The reason I don't talk much about this other spiritual world is because it is tantamount to exploring God, if by God we mean what we find there when we move towards our inner world. And that is equal to esotericism, which is everyone's private business.

Two physical realities

We tend to be influenced by reality, but it is not nearly so obvious. According to Einstein, energy and mass are the same thing, just in different forms. I've heard it said of matter that it is nothing more than condensed energy. My explanation is no different, it just makes it technical rather than substantive. How matter is created in a hologram is, from our point of view, the equivalent of a character in a game program asking how the tracks he is playing on are created. Sure, it's an important question for a programmer, but for anyone else who wants to play the game, it's just a technical question. Especially in the light of the fact that the results of some hypnosis experiments are a refutation of objective reality, but it's hard to refute something when it's right in front of your eyes, you can touch it and it makes a sound when you tap on it. But what about those real dreams when you can even smell the smells? You are not there. If you answer that your consciousness is there, you are already admitting what you may not be accepting when you read me, when the only difference between the two is that I do the same when awake. You may only be able to get out of 170 in darts in a dream, but there are darts players who can do it awake with talent and lots of practice. This is what the "illusion" interpretation of Eastern philosophies and Western spiritual movements is all about, that reality doesn't really exist, only none of them can explain it simply, succinctly and clearly. I can, but it requires the resilience of the receiver, because if you go to anyone with the line that our world is a holographic video game, they will laugh at you. And from what I have said so far, that is the case. There are just a few things that need to be figured out about who is doing all this around us and what system they are working in.

The problem with the information coming from the internal channel is that it depends heavily on what kind of brain you have, what kind of prior information and knowledge you have. It is useless to have all the answers if you are not able to grasp it, understand it and put it together into a complete picture. If someone were to organise a conference to which they invite competent representatives from all disciplines in fields such as brain science, dream science, death science, psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, mathematics, computer science (and others I suddenly hadn't thought of), they could put together a bigger picture while keeping religion and esotericism at a distance. And then what they get could evolve into a spiritual movement that could even become a religion, on a strictly scientific basis of course. But that still leaves me with the view that the physical world is a conscious projection with a sense of reality. Although I do not plan to discuss aliens, a highly divisive topic, too much in this section, I cannot leave out the theory that the Earth is a prison planet with security systems still active and that we are therefore in an extreme state of consciousness, which we seem to be comfortable with. Another theory is that the Moon has a similar function, which is not what people think it is. My own research, however, has taken me in even steeper directions than that, which I have not just explained in more detail because of its steepness. But in a few words, because of the disruption of dimensional boundaries, more dimensions have become entangled in the holographic frequencies of 3D, resulting in this strange world of ours, where there are three one-gods, not to mention that we are only talking about half the population of the planet at this time. In this chaotic situation, the only stable point is the scientific approach, which does not make assumptions, but knowledge is only the present ability to access possibilities.

During my meditations, I have had impressions that are unprovable, but the phenomena that my senses perceive and my mind understand are real to me. I try to describe them in words that make sense. Perhaps the best basis is a very good series I saw, Battlestar Galactica, when walking down the corridor of a spaceship, one character said the following to another. While you are walking down the corridor of this spaceship, I am walking in a forest. In other words, the world around us functions as a backdrop, so that you can bring people from completely different times onto the same platform, while each of them lives in their own world. This is what one encounters in the study of the Meso-American world, if one is able to make sense of the myths that are incomprehensibly complex for people today. On one occasion, I was visited by one of those mysterious people who could not have had any personal contact with me for the reason that I was alone on those levels of consciousness. I don't want to shut your minds down, but the way you can roughly understand it is that you are not where your body is, your body is where your consciousness is. If I am on a level of consciousness where there is no one else but me, then the world around me exists only because my brain projects only that world. I have certainly encountered a lot of alien species and angels, but because I live in the outside world in the commonsense reality where you do, the elements adapt to that projection. That is, these beings have certainly met me in their worlds, but I was on Earth, where they could only appear in the form of Earth humans. This leads me to conclude that the "two physical worlds" outlined in the title is conceptually wrong, but if I want to explain this, I have to start somewhere. And that can only be your perspective if I explain it to you and you have to understand it. And from this approach we can then talk about two physical worlds.

One is what you see when you look around. It's the reality you live in and that has invisible dimensions around you. This is the world where everything is outside, even God. In this world you look up and pray up. This is the world in which esoteric schools teach you the planes that exist above each other and in which you are pulled back and forth by energies. So this is the outer world which you perceive as the only reality and here it is possible that you can be occupied from outside. In this world people are separate individuals, autonomous beings independent of each other. But I could also say it is a projection of the rational hemisphere of your brain. The other world is also physical, because when you sleep and dream you find yourself in a physical world. In dreams, of course, you don't necessarily find yourself in parallel realities that are worlds similar to yours, often your consciousness slips into higher worlds and lower ones. Not to mention that in a dream you are not bound to your own dimensional level by anything other than the base point of your consciousness, and you are placed in environments that defy the laws of physics. So this other world is inside, even God. I have never seen anyone pray in this world, but I have seen people say the guiding pattern for the next life at the pyroclastic eruption of a nearby volcano, completely at once, before it reached us. In this world, planes are interpreted inwards and people live in such a collective consciousness that I was always immediately caught at my first individualism and usually fell out of the dream. This world is your world too, only in the intuitive hemisphere of your brain and you only encounter it in dreams because your rational hemisphere is dominant when you are awake. What may make it seem like a third prisoner of these two worlds of yours may be that the hierarchical systems of the two worlds are intertwined. Because of this, they interact in such a way that each person on the one hand keeps each other outside under influence and in organisational subordination, and on the other hand internally radiates patterns of behaviour and character to each other in a much more strict hierarchy. The two worlds are also synchronous to a certain extent. Outside you are inundated with advertising, outside you can easily reach and be influenced by, say, cultural and financial beings you would never meet inside. When we look at the oddities of the Arab world and are shocked at the disregard for human rights, they are in fact desperate attempts to protect their inner world from 'attacks' from the outside. The Gypsies are not living in poverty because the Hungarians keep them that way, in fact the Gypsy elite keep them that way for the same reason and they are making an attempt at the level of the Hungarian State to change the level of consciousness of humanity. This would require a much more extensive meditative research than I had at my disposal, but by writing it down in half a page, I have a chance to get someone's full attention.

But the point here is that a series of misunderstandings have created a world that has no equal in the universe. This world is seen by everyone as distorted, but basically because everyone wants to make their own world dominant, and they are distorted because not all such worlds are suitable for this. If we look at how different civilisations on earth interact, the Far East is very interesting. I will now highlight three of them. The first is Japan, which has long been closed and has developed a kind of middle-way compromise, but has been forced to open up to the outside world. First they caught up technologically, then they attempted to expand their internal physical world to the outside, but suffered a catastrophic defeat in which they had one stroke of luck, that of the Americans. A new compromise was reached, resulting in this present-day Japan, which glitters and shimmers with the wonder of so many parallel realities. The second is China, where a civil war has taken place in which the internal physical world has triumphed over the external. But if we look at this from a different perspective and look at China today, we can say that the real winners of the civil war were the government troops who fled to the island of Taiwan and built a free world there. The third example is Korea, where a real sharp boundary has been created between the internal and external physical worlds. This breaking point on the border between the two Koreas is better expressed than in this image found on the internet.

When I said that it's a good idea to reprogram yourself before you meditate, that's what I was talking about. It's really about clarifying in your mind where you are between the two ends of the two worlds. How much do you value the external physical world and how much do you value the internal world? Because North Korea also has values, which in this money-centred world everyone only begins to appreciate afterwards.

Because today everyone sees only the glamour, searching for happiness in the wrong place and in the wrong way. When you reprogram yourself, you are actually looking for that position between the two worlds where you have a chance of happiness. If you do it right. Because contrary to rumour, no one is happy at either extreme. You are missing something you find in the other world, but you also find many things in the other world that you would prefer to avoid. That's what moving from topic to topic is all about, taking them one by one and if you can come to an agreement with yourself, i.e. negotiate between the two hemispheres of your brain successfully, you may even have a serious role to play afterwards. I mean after your meditation, because only then will you find out how well you've managed to carry out what you've programmed yourself to do. People who are pretty much of these two positions.

I am currently writing the book

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